ndustry Web site plan the same applies to other industries


stage, China industry portal not what pure Internet Co to enter. The whole industry is in a form of a minor. From the world rankings can be seen, these sites probably less than 5 ranked 50 thousand. More are ranked one hundred thousand after the website, but the website the home page, can see your son full of advertising, basically no vacancy, technology and aesthetics are relatively poor. Although we cannot completely rule out these websites have some realistic channels, or the official background. But I think not all investment websites have official background or the reality channel. But, as long as it is a pharmaceutical investment network, advertising is full, although there are some Alibaba like intelligent network, some supply and demand website. But these website charges Relatively high, but not targeted…

These can be found in

, search for "investment". They see some medicine web site can see, website quality is relatively poor. (here it is for people to see, there are some boast, there are some very real situation, understand, laugh is good)


          the industry of large enterprises is the most, and the most money, (you can see, most of the pharmaceutical companies are listed companies) and is one of the largest national agents industry.
the general pattern of drug promotion

1. large enterprises —- just like the regular TV commercials to see some of the pharmaceutical companies. This is not our user group. So don’t talk about

Some small and medium enterprises, these enterprises

2. is some research of drug companies, with the opening of the medical market, more and more small and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises is gradually increased, these enterprises they have abundant capital, not too much money to buy version of the traditional media and Internet advertising, by virtue of their development trend, and the the user group, the low cost of advertising, has become the best choice for these enterprises… Because for the end user, what medicine is good, what medicine is not good. It is the hospital, doctors, and local drug suppliers to decide… Of course, we do not want to think of the pharmaceutical industry, only cold medicine, and so we can understand the meaning of the drugs, the pharmaceutical industry, most of the time or when we use the name of those who can not be named..

3. agents —- agents is a practice in the pharmaceutical industry, because the pharmaceutical industry, production and marketing is not uniform. (excluding large enterprises). Some small and medium sized pharmaceutical enterprises, if they want to sell their products, will first look for a national agent, then the agent in the area to find, and agents in the area through its own marketing level, the promotion of drugs to the pharmacy, hospital… .


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