Content is king NO amount of NO is king YES

began to contact the Internet from the beginning of 2009, the brain was surrounded by friends and teachers to do the Internet with an idea, that is the content is king!". This view also said the truth is very accurate, we let people know most of the Internet Internet, know how to do a good website, how to make a website to let users love; and no matter is "content is king!" or "flow is king!" the views are so many people make it the first Internet your pot of gold. Well, that’s a good idea,


unconsciously, we can not do without the Internet, it is full of all aspects of our lives. Now the mobile Internet is more and more close to our work. The resulting data is one of the important ways for us to get information. With the development of mobile Internet, the development of micro-blog, SNS, social networks and other social media, user information is more and more easy to get, and these valuable data has gradually become the most precious wealth in the internet. We can use these data and analysis of user experience, so as to improve our website and our page to satisfy the user; at the same time we can use these data to analyze the user behavior, and buying habits, to find our * * user marketing; we even can use these data to influence the economic development of the whole country and even * * change. From the data we can dig out a lot of things, for the modern Internet industry, the data is everything, which also shows the arrival of the era of Internet data, which is a data for the king of the times!

in the era of information explosion, it is very important to how to collect data, how to improve our core competitiveness through these data, we make the network marketing more important. Converting data into effective information is our next priority. Fortunately, to participate in the training of the teacher Mou Changqing let me have a deeper understanding of the importance of the data! Here are some simple ideas about their own!

, the ultimate goal of data analysis

first of all, we should understand that we come to the final purpose of data analysis for what is obvious to marketing. Then we can use the reverse thinking to think, what data users to help us. With this purpose, we have the direction to continue to go on, then this time we can according to their different data needs to use different methods to work.

two, data source

we collect data not blindly, so just perceptibly. This time we should consider the data we need to get to where we say this is the task of collecting 10 groups of, said this kind of beautiful sharing website data analysis, so we have to think of ways to know where this kind of website, such as navigation site, such as webmaster website and so on, so this time we have.

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