Ali 16 product design product after 8 years of experience in condensed tips

Internet Co product design process, there are four steps: the need to determine the > product design > development push > product line. Of course, the subdivision will have many links, such as various reviews, interactive, visual, front and back, and test data, but the speed is king of the Internet era, many links and fine division of labor is not necessarily a good thing.

This paper summarizes the

to become the four major steps, summed up some experience tips in each step.

link one. Needs to determine

products from the initial demand, in the process of collecting demand, user, boss, business departments and other parties will put forward the demand of every hue with different sources of demand, should be how to deal with

?1 business needs

tips: receiving business problems and goals, rather than function and proposal.

business as a front-line staff for the user, the business involved in the pain point is the most clear, often the business is always the product I want this function, I want to change that, etc.. In fact, this time the business is a solution, rather than the pain point of demand.

product manager need to dig deep behind this appeal, what the difficulties encountered, what problems need to be solved. Then consider the solutions to solve business problems in a better general and simple strategy. This is also the product and business of different professional value.

tips 2 spontaneous demand: listen to user stories, observe user habits, find the user clear and not perceived needs.

product manager through user feedback collection, product experience, user observation communication, not only can collect user defined needs, can also be found that users accustomed to, but can improve the demand. Listen to the user story and observe the user habits, the user experience is the design of research methods, in fact, is one of the essential skills of product design.

use a saying "come from the masses to the masses". People have strong learning ability and adaptability, and hard to use something, after training exercises, can also ease. Such as cars, in fact it is difficult to use, so that the need for specialized driving training exercises and examinations, of course, need examination except safety knowledge. Habit does not mean no problem, habits are not easy to use, habits do not mean there is no room for optimization. Therefore, the product manager to observer or small white point of view, to observe and found that the user is not aware of the problem.

tips 3: Boss needs digestive depth, selection sort, speak with the facts.

The boss of

demand in any working environment are unavoidable, the boss needs to digest, how to deal with? After all, boss is the boss always has an expert. A half will not understand, you can digest understanding.

if it is reasonable to be further refined into product requirements; if reasonable but not urgent, indicating that the current resources and project scheduling, the boss you look at which to stop which;

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