Talking about network promotion

I have never received a network promotion, or SEO and other aspects of this knowledge. Read a lot of articles to promote the near, I feel out of their own way. Here are some of my personal views on the promotion of the network.

1 content only NB

you are a rookie or it doesn’t matter, as long as you will turn on the phone, every day in your website update a dozen original articles. I do not believe that Baidu is not included… But in this to explain that, no matter what we have to take seriously, sitting, and so on, is not to come, what things can be their own to fight is the last word.

2 publicity chain

you can go to a number of well-known sites or some of the high probability of the forum, to publish a few soft ads, when you leave your site links, in the forum to write your signature on the site link.

3 chat group promotion

I believe we have used QQ or other chat tool, use these chat tools, plus N groups. Or the use of mass tools to send an e-mail.

4 set up personal blog

to the weight of the high site to build their own blog, in this I recommend a website, blog name changed to the name of your site. Daily published articles, writing will not change other people also want to get down.

5 network promotion

to submit their own website to the major sites. With the content and personalized real title to attract visitors, flow to come see Italy, don’t cheat that would be fanchon station blacklist, serious will also blocked your IP.

6 Baidu help

is the major site of survival in Baidu under the Baidu for our website should look very heavy, we can use this point to Post Bar post, don’t be too careful. We can make a attractive nature of the article, and then put on the vest the first time you add your link.

finally I recommend to you a network marketing QQ group (81454815), hope that through this platform can learn together, progress together.

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