Social network marketing makes God the king returned successfully

[Abstract] according to statistics, in all row of film theaters nationwide, "king return" July 13th occupancy rate reached 38.02%, averaging more than 50 people.


Tencent technology Liu Yalan reported on July 15th

in the industry generally well versed in "four points, six points and the movie", often because of a large number of high-quality film and marketing "suck" and defeat. With the year released "time 4" and "open Gardenia" compared to "journey to the west" the return of the king and the absolute is "suck".

but this is not a few months ago, a few people have heard of the film these days, but in many people’s circle of friends brush the screen. For a long time strongly recommended expectations and friends of domestic animation form a violent confrontation in people’s hearts, curiosity let the movie box office rapid counter attack. All of this "phenomenon" of the marketing effect from people questioned: this cartoon is how to light the social media, and how to use the Internet against other big movie Xuanfa



(statistical results for multiple platforms as of July 14th PM)

first lock the seed and then through the social network flowering

in Hollywood, similar to the "Iron Man 3" such a total investment of US $200 million super large, Xuanfa costs usually account for about 50% of the total cost. According to the "return" Chupin high road animation revealed that the film cost around 60 million, its promotional costs are not enough.

publicity costs plus the intense competition in the summer file, the film is not released when the film is not much. The less the row is the more prone to crowding out effect, that is to say, in the people have not yet found the film looks good, the film has been reflected.

under the condition of "threatened by growing crises," return "approach is: large area mapping. Let some people first look, and so some people are attracted by the success of the content, when passers-by turn pink, while promoting the spread of the film on the social network. Let the word of mouth effect and the network effect together chemical action.

"we pre publicity budgets on seed development reputation," and participate in the vice president Yang Dan told the Tencent WeChat movie technology: "the most important early is to find the right people to transmit information." "King return" at the beginning of the "seed audience" is selected in the art college students, some experts in the industry. "It’s hard for the average audience to make a point. But professionals will be in the recognition of the contents of the point of praise to spread. Under their influence, the average audience will be able to accept the film."

social media to influence the audience through interpersonal relationships, to change the attitude and behavior of the audience. The opinion leader is a part of the audience, and at the same time

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