Baidu webmaster platform is about to open

today saw an article in ZAC, said Baidu has made a clear reply, Baidu has supported the hyperlink Nofollow properties, with the Nofollow label link, Baidu will ignore most of its role. Baidu Webmaster Platform is inside, the equivalent of Google webmaster tools, and has opened the club owners, heard that Baidu also launched the SEO guide, it will be better to help the majority of the webmaster website optimization. Gratifying ah, this is a win-win for Baidu and the webmaster.

Baidu webmaster platform: Baidu webmaster platform is a service to Baidu web page included data submission platform. Through this platform, the site’s effective data will be easier, faster, more comprehensive collection of Baidu.

after the necessary application, after the audit, with Baidu webmaster platform, we can:

1 mass to Baidu push hope Baidu included data;

2 web pages are more likely to be included in Baidu, add and delete data, faster by Baidu know;

3 view data statistics and other additional features.

Baidu webmaster club for the majority of the webmaster to provide a communication and exchange platform, but also can be a good interaction with Baidu, thereby improving the quality of the site and the quality of search results.

in the near future, SEO guidelines, will largely help webmasters site optimization, and then make more excellent website search engine to provide more high quality sites, better service to the people!

Baidu Webmaster Platform marks the launch of Baidu is ready to be more open to the webmaster, Baidu and the webmaster finally willing to properly communicate, the news is a good news to the webmaster, but for Baidu, the webmaster can get a voice, to better serve the webmaster, better the service to users.

support Baidu! Look forward to the official opening of Baidu webmaster platform!

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