Google in France owes about 1 billion 400 million Google said it had paid all taxes


technology news Beijing time on April 26th morning news, in order to investigate the situation Google taxes, Google Office of the French tax authorities raided 3 years ago, and the hundreds of millions of euros worth of tax payment date has expired last month.

in March this year, the French tax officials to Google sent a tax assessment, may force the company to pay up to $1 billion ($1 billion 380 million) tax. Google has disclosed the assessment in regulatory documents filed on Thursday, but did not specify the amount.

"in March 2014, we received a tax assessment from the French tax authorities." Google said in the document, we have done a lot of preparation, our tax situation is likely to maintain the status quo. However, a potential solution to the tax authorities in France could lead to some adjustments in our tax situation."

it is not clear how much of the Google tax assessed by the French government. According to informed sources, the French government before the assessment of the amount may be more than 1 billion euros. In February this year, the French tax authorities issued a tax assessment to Google before, there are a number of French newspapers reported that the amount of between 500 million to 1 billion euros. However, informed sources said that due to the amount has not yet been finalized, so Google can be raised, and in the next few years gradually pay.

Google declined to comment on specific amount. But a spokesman for the company said in a statement that the company is studying the assessment, the spokesman also insisted that Google has paid all taxes.

this reflects the overall European tax on the tax structure of multinational companies such as Google. Like many technology companies, Google will also be headquartered in Ireland in the region, most of Europe’s revenues are included in the Irish regional headquarters account. Google operates in other European countries as a provider of marketing and support services for the regional headquarters in ireland. Due to the low tax rate in Ireland, the legal tax avoidance policy can be used to significantly reduce the amount of tax.

, for example, Google has 389 employees in France in 2012, but the Department reported revenue of only $193 million, the company tax of $6 million 600 thousand. In contrast, Google Ireland’s 2012 revenue of 15 billion 500 million euros, the company tax of $33 million. (Qiao Fu)

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