Talk about how to become a qualified WeChat push hands

is now WeChat marketing plainly and people from the media is not much difference, if we must say the difference, it is people from the media is the real heart of goods, while WeChat is pushing all of a person from the media integration by the creation of the content, so as to achieve the purpose of how to attract users. To become a qualified WeChat push. The following points may be able to give you help.

Sensitivity of

to hot spot information


master of hot sensitive information, is grabbed the pulse of the times, based on the interest of hot information, a lot of people are flocking to have great benefits for improving site traffic, so many people will ask, hot information come from, the how to acquire, how in the first time issued a series of problems, no matter what kind of problem, always cannot do without a content: timeliness, yes, the faster you do, you will reap the rewards more lucrative, so hot, where to get the latest information.

for the author, to get the latest information is very simple, I only need a few websites can get a series of new information, such as Tencent, NetEase and Sina platform, global times and other news websites, more importantly, for this information, I have to have a certain sensitivity in a information has become a hot before we want to quickly determine if the message has become popular factors necessary, will himself as a myriad of different character readers, and then will be arranged and integrated fast we have obtained the information published by our WeChat circle of friends, a new hot events be accomplished.

WeChat marketing channels

in addition to sensitivity to hot information, WeChat marketing channel is very important, only through these different channels, we can provide access to more users, so WeChat marketing channels are still common is our common channels, such as micro-blog, QQ,, unfamiliar street etc. a series of social networking platform and website, not commonly used as known, hundreds of these very targeted population social platform, are an important source of our WeChat marketing channel. Do these, as long as we make good use of the flow every day is really very secure.

WeChat fan group to build

how to do WeChat fans is an important step to ensure WeChat marketing, if we have a large number of users, we will be in the WeChat marketing on the road to success is half, and now the market has an unwritten price, is that if you have ten thousand fans, this time there will be many companies take the initiative to contact with you, they will take the mode of cooperation with you for consultations, and provide all kinds of copy, you don’t need to do many things can get a lot of reward, each article made a price of about 500 yuan -800 yuan, the profit is the weapon, so it is not difficult to see where the important WeChat fans, foundation and this is also the focus of all marketing, we can only do this.

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