RSS promotion and RSS subscription

RSS subscription is nice, you can put your website content pushed to you in the first time subscribers. If you are a user, you can be the first time you know the blog of the latest articles, very convenient. Save a lot of time.

I add new content, it will generate a new Rss, as long as it has an update, you can easily subscribe to the latest content. Due to the development of network technology, news subscription blog subscriptions are becoming more and more popular in daily life, and now most of the news websites and blog sites provide the function of RSS subscription. RSS is a simple way to share content online (also known as aggregated content, Really Simple Syndication). At present, the mainstream blog system has RSS file format to facilitate the collection and dissemination of information to promote. Web site with RSS format, not only convenient for you to subscribe to your favorite blog content. Also played a propaganda website, increase traffic, improve the search engine spiders crawl speed is really good and selfish people, dare not exclusive to share code, I hope everyone can better promote their own blog, the code is as follows:
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