Pinterest founder our model is valuable to marketers

NetEase Francisco August 9th message, according to foreign media reports, the founder of social network Pinterest · xierboman (Ben Silbermann) recently accepted "Bloomberg Business Week" interview, the company to service oriented male users, and how to achieve enterprise monetization solutions. The following is an interview summary:

Q: how do you use Pinterest?

answer: I like many typical users, use it to collect recipes, etc.. Recently I had a child, so I use it to find some activities for children. I also use it to keep a present for my wife and track the dynamics of the items I want to buy.

: there is a stereotype that Pinterest is a product for women.

: most of our users today are women, but the service itself was created for everyone, and we found that the more you use it, the more you can personalize it. This has always been our direction.

asks: does the brand Pinterest represent women? Is it reasonable for male users to use


answer: time will tell us the answer. Facebook was initially a college – oriented service, and Twitter started out in the tech world, but now they are open.

Q: what will be able to help expand the appeal of


A: we have been trying to make sure that when you first use Pinterest when you are not immediately put to the vastness of the public square, we hope to help you to focus on something of interest. We also want to help you find people who share your ideas more quickly. For me, this will make Pinterest more attractive.

: why do you think the world needs Pinterest?

: when I was a child, I always liked to collect things, the original motivation is to create a place to put all kinds of collections, and then share with other people who have the same hobby or interest. Your collection is about what kind of person you are and what kind of life you are looking for.

asked: what do you collect?

: when I was a child, I collected insects, and my father had a lot of books. He is always proud of his bookshelf. These are some of the original things.

asks: how does Pinterest make money?

answer: now we have not made money. But the company’s big idea is that the user’s collection of things and the last thing to buy money is a direct link. So we think there is a pattern in the middle, we can actually make Pinter>

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