ntegrated network marketing lock core keywords

in the network information developed today, as long as people come into contact with the network have some understanding of SEO, a web site optimization process of some commonly used terminology, long tail word problem, the keywords keywords, keywords leveraging believe that people are more familiar with, in fact, the integration of network marketing, there is also a more important keywords that is called the core keywords, is a stage, some enterprises want to occupy the important keywords, people called him the core keywords.

in different stages of the enterprise, the core keywords can be different. If a single kernel participated in the integration of network marketing training courses are known, his single Jen information, in the first half of 2007-2008 years, and the core network marketing course related keywords, choose the "network marketing" and "integration of network marketing course" and "network marketing training" and "e-commerce training". From the beginning of the second half of 2008, the choice of the "network marketing" "e-commerce" and the characteristics of business related to the larger key words.

how to use the key words?

(1) at a particular stage, all the articles are around these keywords, that is, these keywords as the main optimization object.

(2) to wait for the opportunity to mature, the use of these keywords in paid search engine advertising (such as Baidu and Google advertising alliance, etc.).

(3) in addition to the home page, you should put a few core keywords on different pages, so that each page has a clear key words, so that search engine spiders know your main keywords

(4) must be carried out at the same time in the station optimization, the station outside the reverse link and the text connection related advertising in three aspects.

in the network marketing, keyword positioning is not isolated, it needs to use the combination of search engine optimization. In this way, the combination of keyword selection and application, in the integration of network marketing, will be more targeted.

Key points that

must pay attention to when choosing keywords:

first, change a head to think about the problem, you must stand in the perspective of customers to set keyword, you can direct access to the target customers and investigation, understand what words would they use, if your client is the business, especially the final consumer, you must use the non professional key words. On the contrary, if you are in the raw materials, intermediate products or semi-finished products, you must never forget the professional vocabulary.

second, try to search for opponents. You are ready to choose a few key words, in the main search engines try to search. Look who’s running the ad. Open their web site to see, look at their META tag settings, look at how to optimize how to do, the site layout is professional, the main navigation and navigation is how to set up an auxiliary navigation, is reasonable. You can even try to call and look at the server system. The same.

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