WeChat launched the shopping circle what does it mean

on the evening of March 9th, Gong Wenxiang released a heavy news in micro-blog. The WeChat team should be invited to participate in WeChat circle shopping online, and screenshots of a shopping share screenshots.

just, yesterday, he wrote an article to "free up to acknowledge the derivative? You want more" article to describe Ma Huateng in a series of new features NPC and CPPCC and WeChat recently upcoming attitude is that derivative Tencent has been down out of control.

results, today seems to have been confirmed.

first, we look after the teacher Gong released shopping circle news, messages from fans.


basic view is that, as a non micro business, the circle of friends can finally clean. Finally taking on the micro Shuabing act. Standardized micro business, is a good thing.

for micro business to say, will not because of the emergence of the shopping circle, resulting in a circle of friends gradually deserted, but no one looked at the shopping circle, the final business is getting worse.

for these conjectures, we can only wait and see.

then, before the official launch, he still say that the opportunity.

no, we have not seen the second picture, the shopping Master Slide Show, there is a "view product details" button. I think the future business opportunities will be here.

let’s take a look at the current Tencent in the end how many electronic business platform. PC side, first of all, Tencent is certainly a platform for their own home – pat Network, followed by the shares of Jingdong. Then the public comment, beautiful said platform.

mobile terminal, there are Jingdong micro shop, pat micro shop, pocket shopping micro store.

so, the problem is coming. This "view the details of goods", in the end will point to where?

‘s bold speculation, should refer to the micro shop, the mobile terminal and is the most likely pat micro shop, followed by the micro shop shopping bag. Perhaps you do not know what is the pocket shop micro shop, however, when it comes to the Spring Festival 10 minutes before the micro shop advertising, you know, yes, that is a micro shop, the shop where the micro shop.

because it is not clear what kind of shopping circle will appear in the form, which will appear in the entrance. So, he can only imagine. Guess the approximate entry location.

entry is at the first level, that is, with the circle of friends tied. If this hypothesis is true, then, according to MS Gong screenshots of the shopping circle sharing mode, Shuabing behavior circle of friends micro business will be the absolute limit. However, shopping circle will be reduced to a scraper garbage. Few people would like to see the special Shuabing shopping circle. Unless the shopping circle is

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