You see the station and wrote to the same small webmaster

….. Do not know why I would like to write this, perhaps last night in the GG group after listening to everyone’s chat, the idea of the idea of it.

      the GG group (@[email protected] expert a lot, and I’m not looking at them) to discuss various topics, because of my poor qualifications, experience is still shallow, just a cat, don’t yell loudly, silently squint in the side of learning ing… In conclusion, this article is only suitable for small ordinary webmaster like me, if you don’t mix is a big, small couldn’t beat you. ^_^

      straight to the subject… Often, chat in the group, often can see a friend asked GG the income of others (of course, some people take the initiative to stick out, some people blame) by K ADSENSE, who was by K is complaining about price too sick, more new comers just barely learn to do stand, can only envy at others the income statement, may every day fantasy if they earn so much..).

      in fact, everyone’s head is the same, he can do, and you should be careful to learn to practice.

      network advertisement market is now a mess, very confusing, formal devaluation of Baidu and GG, the Alibaba, sogou. Like propaganda easy, Qi run that I will not say. Too many personal factors. (like propaganda easy, statistics to my site inside the URL character, forcing me to replace the garbled page on. But in CNZZ, 51LA statistics are normally displayed. K is not compromised my account. Is the Qi run with me to try to prevent cheating is successful, the sun of him!! Anti technical staff to do harm to pay tribute to bother studying at the same time, although I still can do harm to your advertisement, but I really admire your spirit is the code I dazzled, alas, to do a little advertising, the code more than I "HTML


      remove a few old and powerful advertisers, the rest are a mess of the union. Of course, occasionally there will not be too dark alliance, but the vast majority of black has covered only a few silk white… I do not know if this is not to say that the number of large stations do not have to say, want to rely on advertising profitable, it is easy. Because of the large advertising alliance are anxious to their own, say it nicely like says… Even stand up? Do GG and Baidu, can put on the same page???? (now the station can be not at all surprising) but a page to display four or five AD? But most of the station three. Today, the United States to see the orange Internet download stations, a page 5 GGAD. Before a photo or press to see the search, a page put 12 Baidu promotion.. I grass? Then look at the rules a lot, only two seem. Who is estimated to report. >

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