Daily flow ten thousand P fast website promotion experience


graduated in 2004 from the school, in the Dragon (which is also the original 17173.com) work is engaged in the website editor of this work, what do not come home from work in the evenings, on the initiation of a game site ideas, was in a domain name registration network were selected before the domain name on the registration of off, because at the time of the adventure island game is the fire, so I decided to do an adventure Island Information site. That time is not what CMS station system, directly to a Baidu ranking Adventure Island site directly to the home he then put his copy of the content and links are into their own, they pass up.

later found how Baidu search search search not to their own station, began to optimize your web site, in the title of the information Adventure Island three words where bold, then copy the articles are major sites of the fine article, such a flow slowly.

but even after all his adventure island have not played, it also said not to the past and downloaded the game play, found some game characters to encounter monsters will fall blood, I asked them they said to XX network download plug-in. I used to download, very surprised right enough. The website traffic is very large, I thought about whether he can use his own website. I took his plug in your online publicity, then in the game, so a lot of traffic, but I think this is not to help others free publicity? My friend just will change things, I put the plug to him, and asked him whether the bots can access the network and pop into my site, he used eXeScope and UE to web site have changed, I am the gaoxingjin ah, I was in the game to shout, and has been in the post game forum, traffic suddenly came very quickly, I also update a plug-in update.

so I think if you can earn a little money? I will apply for a color show and easy good publicity, and so on the network to make money union site (not ads ah), also have thousands of income every month, once the world rankings reached more than 10 thousand. In search of Adventure Island Yahoo than the grand official website in front of the first row, and then plug the original station good times don’t last long, I know the station is indicated in the plug-in above, my station also blocked Baidu, so suddenly flow are all gone.

more than the method for the rapid flow of fear is not afraid of being closed friends can try not to recommend the use of long-term sites, all for personal real events.

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