was able to review the entry of the United States may have written a fake product manager summary

a, pattern

1 I understand the pattern of

here I define the structure for the understanding of the company, the team’s positioning development, will rise to a grade.

understand the development of the company, the team’s position, with the superior ideas to achieve a consistent, more forward.

consistency here is consistent in general direction.

2 why should there be pattern

product manager is the direction of the executive, must understand the general direction.

synchronous project partners, everyone agreed the target or consistent.

two, target

1 goals: similar to the company’s vision, the product ultimately want to achieve a vision.

2 target for each stage: here may be traffic, revenue, product features / operations and other OKR requirements.

will be broken down every quarter of the target every month, every two weeks, and constantly push forward, review.

3 each demand target

often do pseudo demand before, first think about what you want to solve the problem, what is your goal, and then consider the solution.

sometimes think of a solution, just want to do this program, but did not take into account more, forget to have a more appropriate function.

three, Owner

1 you are the product of owner, you should be responsible for the product.

2 face is not important

just graduated products to consult others, do not feel how to ask others what things, or let others decide.

sometimes laugh at the development I can not do the Lord, but compared to face, product features are in line with the needs of the most important.

own plate may be taken into account, but caused another problem, so that the development of confidence in you.

3 active

positive thinking, actively consult others, is the first to think about their own advice.

needs to actively follow up, follow up the progress of partners: your needs is most important to you, but not necessarily for partners, to continue to follow up, "harassment" of others.

four, product iteration


1 competing product analysis

competitive analysis, generally pay more attention to competing products do what, what logic is easy to ignore the business model and operation strategy, to understand the competitive strategies, to better understand why the function of competing products.

business model: you can read the "business model of the new generation," the book

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