Reliable administration is the first company should recruit employees


said that the most important responsibility of the start-up company CEO three – think of the direction, looking for financing, recruit people. But when it landed, those sesame mung bean big thing but became the most urgent problem in the early days of start-up companies. Today, we talk about three things – company registration, office address and employee management.

company registered this matter please, said big, that small is not small. Now the vast majority of entrepreneurs will choose the third party agent, this thing is not too much trouble, but the most time-consuming, mainly to run back and forth. "An entrepreneur told 36 krypton. Under the line of the entire operating process has been very mature, the price is not too high, for the general start-up companies can accept. "Now there are some online services, but at that time more anxious, and then look for the next line."

although the company has registered intermediary service agency has developed, but some of the details have to shoot his head CEO. The most important question is to take the name." This is probably a lot of early entrepreneurs voice: company name, product name, catchy at the same time, also in line with the company’s business mode.

product name is OK, but the company name must be unique. Everyone likes to take some animal related names, leading to approval is not easy." Heating APP behind the company called "small fish", although the company has not done before, but because the company is too similar, the progress of the application is very slow. "Finally, the acquaintance, find a relationship, this is to solve the problem."

Although the name of the popular

is good, the user is good to remember, but also can not pass the business. "Exquisite" sleepy founder said, we also hope that called "exquisite", but this is a common vocabulary prescribed by the state, can not be used as the name of the company, so we had to settle for second, called "exquisite salon".

office space is a very important problem, in general, the early company registered the site and office space is separated, in order to reduce the cost, in Beijing, the entrepreneurs will choose a Daxing address as the registered address of the company, in addition to choose a more convenient place for office.

the same problem exists in Guangzhou. Heating team said there was a pit. You have to go to the street to register. We get some preferential policies, but sometimes in order to tax, street office will not approve".

for the actual office space, incubators for entrepreneurs is a good choice, early settled enjoy some preferential policies to facilitate early incubation and development. But there are several questions to follow:

1/ incubators have cycles, so "guerrilla warfare" is a very regular state. "Go to the incubator for a few days."

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