Expose CPA advertisement cheating software shady

revealed that the CPA advertisement cheating software shady.

Hello everyone, I’m winning at the starting point, QQ752342 bbs.admin5.com ID credibility is the last word

is currently a lot of CPA advertising crossbar Internet,

a variety of cheating tools also followed,

, such as the industry’s more well-known cheating CPA plug-in,


koowo – Installation Commission of —0.2 yuan

Kingsoft antivirus ——————-0.4 yuan

ZCOM network magazine ———–0.3 yuan

UUSSEE——————-1.5 yuan

popular network TV ———–0.15 yuan

Jinshan Google translation ————-0.3 yuan

Jinshan WPS ——————0.2 yuan

PPS————————-0.2 yuan

Ruixingkaka ——————0.8 yuan


PA broadcast

music as ————————-0.5 yuan

……… And a lot of….

actually these are easy to implement,

to go online to download a bundle of software (www.123jx.com download)

or download a downloader (www.gezihk.com and www.gongjiqi.com.cn have the next)

principle is one, that is, all of the CPA ads tied together,

and then the user is installed after the installation of all,

In fact, the so-called CPA

advertising plugin is a downloader,

hackers everywhere in the circle to download, we simply do not need to buy,

Baidu there are a lot of such software,

software is very simple, so we simply do not need to buy,

personally think God station CPA plug-in is very lucrative, the price is too expensive, ha ha.

: I’m not a god of war

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