Love fresh bee COO Liu Shuang today from the title the battle has already played

Author: Zhang Menghua

this afternoon, fresh takeaway platform love fresh bee COO Liu Shuang released a new dynamic in the circle of friends: last day, good bye beequick, suspected of leaving the love bee. Hunting cloud network has gone to Liu Shuang personal confirmation, confirmed the fact of turnover. Asked about the next planning, Liu Shuang told the next "hunting cloud network resting and watching the opportunity".

love fresh bee was founded in 2014, the founder of a win, the main platform for one hour lightning distribution, by connecting small kiosks, convenience stores and other necessities, providing fresh distribution services, positioning for the "palm one hour up convenience store". On the initial stage of the line, love fresh bee popular in the capital sector, had won more than $4 in the next round of $110 million financing.

last year after the collapse of the O2O bubble, most of the O2O company’s life is not good. In July this year, internal staff broke the news that the love of fresh bee is a large area of discouraging employees from the 1100 or so discouraging to about 700 people, including a number of departments, market operations, customer service, logistics and other products, and the love of fresh bee is given to explain the company’s optimization, sector structure adjustment later, according to the major strategic adjustment, false news issued a written statement".

as the core of the team members COO Liu Shuang leave, about the next step in the development of the next step in the development of love bees.

Liu Shuang circle of friends following the full text:

"last day today, goodbye to the bees, especially the full, is the heart tired. Nearly a year is really in a race against time, no one day off:

operational efficiency, 10 months of growth of 100%, the cost of marketing to reduce the rate of nearly 70%, integrated ROI increased by nearly double the new customer ROI increased by nearly 1 times;

user quality, customer price increase of more than 1 times, the new customer retention rate also increased nearly 1 times a month;

business management, operating expenses decreased by half, the efficiency of output has doubled.

I won’t say the good fight I have fought so hypocritical, I only say that I have fought a tough battle, and now I just run out of battery, so please allow me to rest for a few hours of charging."

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