Rural electricity supplier is a false proposition lack of false prosperity of software and hardware

to the countryside movement in a round of the electricity supplier, a time to become the rural electricity supplier in the teeth of the storm the pig can fly, but there is a problem. Jingdong and Taobao have played the whitewashing advertising, Jingdong in the county set up the service line store experience, to the rural electricity supplier this fat is being divided. The future of rural electricity supplier can really shine, at least for now the rural electricity supplier is a kind of vanity when busy, busy fall, whether calm down the electricity supplier giants will continue to burn. The one behind in the rural electricity supplier is not naturally or half unconsciously fueled the imagination of so good.

rural electricity supplier embarrassing situation

with the intensification of urbanization in the country, a large area of population density in rural areas is not as good as before, the more important is the young people generally choose to go out to work. So now there are a lot of people in the village, the rest of the main crowd to the elderly and children based, this part of the crowd is not the main force of electricity supplier consumption. And the perception of the Internet is very limited, basically have never been exposed to the Internet and electricity supplier. In addition, the rural network infrastructure is not perfect, whether it is broadband or wireless networks, its coverage is very low. Most of the villages do not have network facilities, access to telecommunications networks are very difficult, because the distance is too far from the computer room.

the great leap forward of the major electricity supplier platform

Jingdong, Taobao and other business platform in the active layout of rural electricity supplier, or set up a painting line store experience, this great leap forward in the promotion of rural electricity supplier. Behind it is a vanity of prosperity, rural electricity providers more or stay in the concept and speculation, there is no substantive progress. Even the network facilities in rural areas to improve, but also take into account the user’s shopping habits. At this point, the characteristics of the consumer groups decided to promote the rural electricity supplier is very difficult. First, many middle-aged and old people to learn to surf the Internet and online shopping, and then the electricity supplier platform logistics facilities, which is a lot of money.

rural electricity supplier behind the interests of the game

Jingdong, Taobao to enter the rural electricity supplier, in addition to the current infrastructure must solve two major problems, consumption habits, will encounter various obstacles in rural areas, local. Electricity supplier’s biggest enemy may be the line of the store, there are still a lot of supermarkets in rural areas, individual stores. In order to meet the needs of rural areas in the basic necessities of life, the electricity supplier must go to the countryside to compete with the supermarket line, the price must be cheaper than the store. Otherwise it will be difficult to obtain recognition of rural consumer groups, followed by cooperation with the local government must be reached in order to better online sales of various types of agricultural products.

rural electricity supplier faces such as the problem, perhaps just a concept, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum flashy without substance. Jingdong, Taobao is also competing with each other in the line, in fact, the main purpose is staking, how long for that piece of land to grow crops, is still an unknown quantity. Article by the square network original reprint >

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