Draft electronic commerce law intends to prohibit the single brush shall not be deleted

Faced with the growing flood of

and professional scalping phenomenon, the revised e-commerce law is to strengthen the management.

December 19th, submitted to the draft law on electronic commerce Ten Session of the twenty-fifth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee first proposed, not fictitious transactions, delete negative evaluation, paid or other conditions for favorable evaluation form, in order to enhance the business reputation of themselves or others.

draft also stipulates that the facts may not be contrary to the malicious evaluation of damage to other people’s business reputation, but also shall not tamper with or selectively disclose the credit rating records of e-commerce business entities.

shopping on the third party e-commerce platform, e-commerce operators to assess the situation, buyers have been repeatedly reported retaliation. According to China’s Jiangxi network reported that since 2016, the online shopping was reported by the news of the country was more than 4100. Revenge is not only the way to play harassing phone calls, and even a knife to cut the door.


in response to the above issues, the draft stipulates that engaging in e-commerce activities, shall not harass or threaten the parties to the transaction, forcing them to make, modify, delete the goods or services contrary to the wishes of.

in addition, the draft also provides for engaging in e-commerce activities, shall not publish false credit rating information, shall not implement other violations of the law and objective, fair and reasonable principles of credit evaluation.

in the legal responsibility chapter, the draft also stipulates that the violation of the above provisions, the damage of electronic commerce credit evaluation, by the government departments at all levels shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit; if it fails to do so, shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, and fined thirty thousand yuan to one hundred thousand yuan fine; the circumstances are serious, its business license shall be revoked, in addition to one hundred thousand five hundred thousand yuan fine.

"no matter, brush brush reputation, or delete bad comments, will disrupt the market order, if such a phenomenon exists in a large amount, it will make some illegal businesses, through the illegal behavior, improve the credibility and evaluation of their own, to the detriment of the legitimate interests of others, to get more benefits, this would undermine fair competition in the market. The environment, damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers." Beijing Huaxun firm director Zhang Tao has been involved in the draft work, he said, whether it is from the perspective of maintaining the market order, or from the perspective of safeguarding the interests of consumers, it is necessary to regulate these bad behavior.

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