The electricity supplier price war from upstream suppliers order bursting employees crazy

in the book price war in the field of 3C home appliances to let publishers headache zero supply channel again. Reporters yesterday found that behind the "history of the most fierce price war" between the business enterprise and suppliers in the name of a running out. In addition to a substantial increase in orders, "channel promotion, manufacturers pay for suppliers are suffering. In the industry view, the relationship between the electricity supplier companies and suppliers may continue to deteriorate with the price war.


employees bursting crazy

orders from a single one hundred or two hundred to three hundred or four hundred, average weekly frequency from delivery to almost every day, a personal computer manufacturing enterprise business department is responsible for Miss Luo practical experience to the "price war" has brought sales growth. This should work at 6 every evening Miss Luo, for 3 consecutive days to work overtime at around 8:30, her job is to deal with the Jingdong store, (micro-blog) and Tmall (micro-blog) platform for business and customer orders.

in fact, Miss Luo company size, business promotional platform to bring increased traffic just homely food. But it is different from the past, several major electricity supplier price war in the digital 3C and the size of the field of home appliances at the same time.

"51" before the holiday, all of our company in charge of e-commerce customer supply chain colleagues opened a meeting arrangement. Now, the electricity supplier is responsible for the sale of colleagues must be at 3 p.m. before a single good, so that our follow-up work is likely to be completed on the same day." Miss Luo said that if the order a little later, the transport sector in the time of shipment will be busy until the morning of the second day.

channel price money to earn

this wave of the history of the most fierce price war on the impact of manufacturers far more than overtime. In addition to shipments soared, more and more of the "price" more manufacturers. "Now the electricity supplier companies are in the price, for suppliers, are very overdraft resources, get eight points of revenue, so the supplier of the current market will be relatively cautious." TCL (micro-blog) e-commerce company deputy general manager Liu Wenwu said. In the industry view, was evaporated out of the two points, is the electricity supplier companies on the channel squeeze results.

according to a department store brand responsible person said, "the sales channels, manufacturers pay" is actually the norm. "Overall, the companies claim profits in the amount, about half of the amount required to bear the supplier. But "half" is a whole specific proportion, who bear much let the amount depends on the channel operators and suppliers say." The source said that the price will bear the brand less, some well-known brands even without the need for a price war bill. The lower the visibility, the smaller the size of the brand, the higher the cost will be passed on. In fact, this is the channel and the supplier of the game."

zero supply relationship hidden risks

in the channel, when the price war, the supplier with "money earns cry out" is part of.

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