Ma Yun do not confuse Ali and other electricity supplier companies

Abstract: Ma seems to understand the outside world, the challenge and Ali may not understand the same. He used a metaphor: simple to engage in e-commerce companies on the market today, as an opponent of Alibaba, is to take apples and apple trees, is not suitable for both sides."


Beijing time on the evening of October 8th, the first annual report, after the group released a listed Alibaba at the same time, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma to computer input one finger, personally written an open letter to shareholders, elaborated the future strategy, Ali platform advantage, capital market and competitors outside concern.

do not confuse Ali and other electricity supplier companies

last September 19th, Alibaba listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and the amount of $25 billion in financing the world’s largest record in the history of IPO. However, for a large number of overseas shareholders and the public did not use Ali products, do not know the difference between Ali and other electronic business platform, but also do not understand the status quo and future development of Ali’s path, "smoke and mirrors" across the sea to see people "feeling.

for this reason, Ma Yun in an open letter detailing the Ali’s business model.

at the end of June 2015, the Alibaba group has a total of 34000 employees, which specializes in "China retail market" and "GMV" about the number of employees less than ten thousand people, this part of the staff to support the turnover of 3 trillion yuan, accounting for 9% of the total retail China consumption per capita, support 300 million yuan, show the high operation efficiency.

Ma Yun wrote in the letter,

, a lot of people confuse us and other electricity supplier companies, and therefore use our GMV growth rate as a criterion for our model. In fact, the narrow sense of e-commerce is only part of today’s Alibaba group strategy, we seek to create an open, transparent, collaborative business infrastructure platform."

In addition to the

electronic commerce, about half of the employees and associates the ant gold suit and rookie, engaged in new business has great strategic significance, including logistics, Internet banking, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet advertising platform and other business, and after ten years, based on the number of health and technology according to the digital entertainment business,

"we call it ‘double H’ industry, Health and Happiness".

fourth kinds of non missing business infrastructure resources

these businesses have begun to bear fruit. Every year, rookie logistics system investment Ali about 10 billion express parcel; Internet banking services to nearly four hundred million active users; cloud computing business in the world and maintain an annual growth rate of more than 100% mobile based products; Internet, including search, maps, browser >

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