Jingdong home Yan soldier 618 day not afraid of trouble in price

recently, vice president of Jingdong, home appliances division president Yan soldier during a 618 big promotion in a media interview said that the price should be a long-term behavior, the 618 day there will be some single product price adjustment than the low Jingdong, but only this one day.

not long ago, the United States announced the online activities of the 618 theme this year, do not speak, only parity". The United States pointed out that the United States online self all goods will participate in the Jingdong to buy expensive price parity, benchmarking three times to return, the highest return 300 yuan. In this regard, the Jingdong Yan soldier said: "this is a false proposition can not be used to say."

Yan soldier said that low price should be a long-term behavior, rather than a one-time behavior. For example my products, Jingdong if my product purchase price is one thousand, I bought one thousand and one dollars, down my annual price low or high? I’m sure is low, because only earn 1 dollars, is low. Then someone said, old Yan, I want you to lower than 999, 618 of the time, you can do it, but after 618? After the node of people’s attention, you sell 1050, you have to see if you continue low." Yan Xiaobing, for example.

Yan soldier said, the 618 day must have low price than the Jingdong, a paragraph, will certainly have. But the most mainstream, best-selling goods will appear in Jingdong.

In addition to

, some home appliance manufacturers are also 618 push their business activities, Yan soldier said that professional things or to professional people to do. Only in this way, consumers can get the best shopping experience.

according to reports, due to the current consumer behavior has changed greatly the Internet, everyone in the purchase of goods is not found brand model, but through fuzzy specification search step by step to determine the purchase of the brand is what. Yan Xiaobing bluntly said: "they (consumers) have no concept of the brand, some manufacturers say that I is the industry leader. I’m sorry you said it yourself, not your brand in the minds of consumers so strong."

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