Portal interview PHP168CEO committed to the influence of the nternet brand building


of this interview is PHP168CEO Qifeng Chang, the PHP168 (www.php168.com/) is a famous domestic CMS system.

interview: a drop of water

Interviewee: PHP168


Qifeng Chang

today is honored to be invited to the small Su PHP168 CEO Chang Qifeng guest portal interview. Hello, and the portal through the webmaster friends say hello!

Chang Qifeng: small Su good, portal through the webmaster friends all good!

a drop of water: you first introduce yourself!

Chang Qifeng: compared with the predecessors of the Internet is quite successful in terms of speaking, I feel that they are a big grassroots. They belong to 80, with set, wearing several general in age not much difference between phpwind and discuz, both in the Internet this is done very well, there are a number of exchanges and cooperation between us.

a drop of water: now the domestic Internet platform to do a few CEO are very young, you do not be modest.

Chang Qifeng: Yes, they are quite familiar.

a drop of water: PHP168 what are the main products and services, as well as their advantages to introduce you,


Chang Qifeng: the main stage consists of 10 products: station core system, super solution, classification information system, know system, shopping mall system and video system, blog, circle system etc.. After the V6 version is pushed out, the system will feature, structure, layout will have a new feel.

for a long time there, including in the present, we have domestic technology has the outstanding advantages of the CMS system, because the system has led the development of the core team are the famous portal and video station.

as for the product advantages, I mainly talk about the advantages of Technology:

is the first load, PHP168 system supports tens of millions of data (refer to the official test report). At the same time, our technical team is also working with a number of domestic IT elite cloud computing topics.

is the second: we take a modular architecture, is the core module of the system + cooperative station. This provides a critical foundation for the subsequent development of the system and the user’s sustainable use, but also one of our core strengths, but also in the ongoing combing and downsizing action.

is another aspect of our functional areas, closer to the actual problem solving, but also the overall layout, the function is very strong. As we know the system is a case. As well as the ease of use of the system is recognized by all users, to take a visual label operation, multi model selection and other systems of technical methods for beginners to facilitate the use of.

a drop of water: Thank you

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