The cross border electricity supplier 2 times hits who is the next nternet upstart

set up from the beginning of Alibaba, e-commerce development in the country for 16 years, online shopping more than 360 million users, more than 1/4 of Chinese people have experienced online shopping. From 2012 onwards, with the rapid growth of domestic consumer demand for overseas products, spawned a cross-border electricity supplier in the 1 era, the growth of personal purchasing mode barbaric. 2014 became a turning point in cross-border electricity supplier, into the 2 era. The soldiers dispersed individuals purchasing mode gradually by the platform, the scale of the regular army replaced by purchasing consumer demand has been relatively mature and concentrated from cosmetics, baby products and garments and spread to the daily life is closely related to the Home Furnishing activities.

upgrade the middle class consumption habits, the rise of cross-border electricity supplier

GDP with nearly ten years of rapid growth, many middle-class city completed asset accumulation in the garage, a lot of people have higher requirements on the quality of personal life in luxury, from overseas food, cosmetics, baby products, toiletries, home supplies have become this part of the crowd just to be.

at the end of 2014, before founding Taobao mall general manager Huang Ruo founded the imported food business website Baien 100 line, Huang Ruo had told the media that the domestic consumer spending habits are being upgraded, the middle class demand for imported goods will rise significantly, the demand will soon shift from expensive to import food and other necessities of life.

cross-border electricity supplier to become middle class new business giants recently harvested on the demographic dividend, also eyeing this bonanza. In the cross-border electricity supplier market, Alibaba’s Tmall international and Taobao’s global purchase, Jingdong recently launched a global online shopping. Giant, more attention is the emerging segments of clothing, maternal and child supplies the Home Furnishing ocean terminal, Amoy honey, honey bud baby, and set for the new force etc..

home supplies, the next segment of the blue ocean

purchasing and sea Amoy is the main form of cross-border electricity supplier in the early years, consumers are also exposed to more and more overseas goods. But whether purchasing or scouring the sea, and the core of the domestic electricity supplier website is not the difference between the business model, is to carry the box, the competition is who move faster, cheaper, occupy a certain advantage in the logistics of this piece of domestic electricity supplier website. Later appeared in the ocean terminal, honey Amoy and other cross-border electricity supplier website purchasing scale, platform.

both Ali and the big two Jingdong, or ocean terminal, honey Amoy, honey bud baby cross-border electricity supplier rookie, covered are clothing, cosmetics, maternal hot selling category, the rigid demand field Home Furnishing activities will become the new blue ocean market. A large number of middle class is from the blind pursuit of price and brand savage consumption, to the rational introspection of mature quality consumption transition. The upgrading of consumer necessities has become a trend, the middle class aesthetic, practical and experiential fine product appeal in the future will erupt.

high-income middle class to pursue high quality life, but bitter >

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