Survey more than half of consumers said no sense of double eleven

October 30th news, the annual double eleven, it was crazy to sell, some people crazy to buy. In addition to the business performance of the consumer is the war be in full swing, a great spectacle". However, after five consecutive years of double after the promotion of the eleven, businesses and consumers seem to calm a lot. The day before, the state power grid for the consumer to do a survey, eleven of double view shows that 55% of respondents said they did not feel too much, not to ever so excited.


According to

statistics, billion state power network discovery, in addition to more than half of respondents said on eleven without too much sense, there are 18% people express "is not my thing, do not want to ride" attitude, only 27% of people think that eleven is very excited, because businesses can make a big fight consumers can panic buying affordable goods ".

for this year’s double eleven points, 47% of respondents said it is most concerned about how the business to play, followed by the results of the war, the story behind the war, as well as other consumer reaction, etc..

when it comes to businesses involved in the greatest significance ten one, 30% of people think that this is the business inventory liquidation means that businesses will usher in a traffic surge, improve sales performance. 22% of people believe that the big promotion is a channel for businesses to expand their influence. 13% of the people that the war should be the greatest significance of business training, test the combat effectiveness of the team, there are 12% of people think through the competition to establish their own position in the category is a pursuit of the businesses involved in ten.

in addition, billion state power network learned that 45% people on a ten by the attitude, think it can allow more consumers to participate in online shopping experience, the era of electricity supplier shopping stimulation. But there are 30% of people complaining about the two of the eleven, that the way to promote the big will stimulate consumers cheap mentality, buy a lot of things do not need. 14% of people think that ten while forcing consumers to waste time, disrupt the normal life. Another 11% of people believe that the double can allow consumers to buy the real benefits of the thing of eleven.

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