Tmall’s overall strategy to show the show side while watching Technology

August 23rd noon news, Tmall today announced cross-border cooperation with the fashion group, officially released a whole fashion strategy. In the Tmall new wind is still, fashion unbounded and 2014 Tmall autumn and winter fashion show scene, Tmall jointly launched the platform of the top 300 thousand brands of new autumn and winter, and the scene shows the side to see buy technology.

said Tmall will provide "brand fashion overall solution as a platform for businesses, by creating three-dimensional fashion media marketing system, to achieve a seamless connection between brands and consumers, establish electricity supplier fashion ecosystem.

in today’s fashion show scene, Alibaba (scroll information) group is responsible for marketing and fashion should Acer Group CEO somans site interpretation transvestites link. Use the big screen each other choice of fashionable dress is in Tmall, and the scene change.


watch and buy technology mainly through LBS positioning service, will be pushed to the catwalk shows a real-time mobile phone Tmall client, just click to buy synchronization. While looking to break the boundaries of consumption between Online and Offline break, is the trend of T and consumer behavior synchronized O2O experience.

The first

2014 Tmall fashion and released 300 thousand new products, Tmall will be through the "new fashion" event page in August 25th and meet consumer users will be able to experience formal, watch and buy new technology effect.

According to

reports, Tmall platform for overall fashion brands to provide solutions, in addition to the joint fashion group to create a brand fashion show, but also customized for large fashion brands, through a series of theme activities online fashion shopping guide landing, enhance brand fashion tonality and contributed to the transaction.

In addition

, by Tmall and fashion group, YOKA fashion network, shopping guide and other cooperation to establish the media station, consumers enjoy reading fashion media through mobile phone Tmall client scan code, you can direct the brand and the event page, will enjoy the visual feast easy to buy into the experience.

in addition, Tmall is to build the original designer platform, China first settled in Cai Meiyue, Crawford’s wedding dress design designer Liu Min couple line and other international designers are already in the Tmall store, in the original designer of the platform. In addition, many designer brands to participate in the activities of the new wind is still Tmall, a number of representatives of China’s top fashion circle of new products will meet with consumers.

Chinese well-known fashion designer Ji Cheng, Zhang Masha, Ma and Haotian, articles four has not been put into operation the new kind of clothing, fashion activities in Tmall exclusive exposure. The four designers at the same time as the new fashion TV program "goddess’s new clothes" the big star of the design team, the design of each program "new clothes" will be synchronized in Tmall exclusive debut.

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