Look at the market value of e commerce from the medical market hot

e-commerce is the significance of the traditional marketing channel is extended to the Internet, play network for target customers for marketing sales expansion can reach the profit goal, this is an important change to help traditional enterprises to improve efficiency, and get more and more enterprises come to favor the practice. According to the medical market, along with the development of social economy, people’s disposable income is also increasing, the high quality medical service demand is also growing, this is the hospital test of electronic commerce provides a strong background support. From the current US for having heard it many times "difficult to see a doctor, registration is difficult, more difficult to see people’s livelihood news experts" can be seen not only tight medical resources, it is the hospital of Electronic Commerce on the Internet has broad money scene, in the face of such money scene, are you ready?

first, the hospital e-commerce "money king" analysis

along with China’s medical system reform, more and more private capital into the hospital market, bring more competition in the past mainly rely on a note to eat the rice of the hospital market, but now it seems that state-owned hospitals still by virtue of historical advantage firmly occupy advantage, which makes private hospitals in order to get some of the new force try to have more opportunities for more patients, and in the fierce competition at the same time, some of the public hospital reform has gradually began to test the water of e-commerce, actively participate in diverse competition.

in this context, the hospital market gradually become more active and diversified competition, competition means that the role of electronic commerce are highlighted, more and more hospitals began to try to cooperate with e-commerce providers, in order to gain competitive advantage by way of the Internet and the advantages to get more patients. Or set up more well-known influence, so that Internet users in the future there is a need for the first time when they think of these hospitals, these are the e-commerce business, also determines the electronic commerce in the hospital market "money king" broad, in this field can be accomplished.

two, hospital e-commerce money scene how to grasp

1 identify e-commerce and hospital joint point

as a provider of e-commerce, e-commerce services by virtue of their experiences to focus on the advantages, identify binding sites and hospital needs, such as some hospitals in order to obtain accurate patients, some hospitals in the fixed population is in order to do targeted advertising to improve visibility, some hospitals in order to compete with other each hospital "suppression", different hospitals as customers have different needs, so to grasp the actual needs of the hospital, and combined with the appropriate starting point, to provide better service for them, to obtain recognition and trust of the hospital, the success of his contract.

2 provides e-commerce services that can verify the effectiveness of

In order to obtain the

hospital partners trust, need to see the electronic commerce to the.

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