Jingdong Home door to door service to the home of flowers removed

news July 6th, billion state power network learned at home before the adjustment of service area of Jingdong. Beijing area set up "door-to-door service" independent entrance, withdrawal of "flowers home" service; direct access to the Shanghai area door-to-door service entrance, no entrance of "quality of life", "flower house" still exists.


Jingdong come to Beijing and Shanghai different page

in June 1st, the Jingdong home opened fourth entrance, the main push home laundry, cleaning appliances, and home cooks supper to send service. After the adjustment of the more vertical segments, the home laundry, home cooks and other services were taken, the establishment of a separate entrance, "door-to-door service" and "quality of life" only food delivery and crawfish supper.

billion state power network to understand, the flowers home service had by the appropriate technology is responsible for the provision of flowers. According to informed sources, the flow of flowers service entrance is too small, Jingdong will adjust the forum.

not long ago, Liu Qiangdong said in a speech, this year will be their main focus on the O2O project. As one of the Jingdong strategic project in March officially launched, in addition to access WAL-MART, lotus, daoxiangcun and other large supermarkets, but also access to the hungry and home will be two delicacy takeaway platform. But shortly before the 618 war, according to the official data of the paladin, the amount of orders rose more than 400%.

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