Ma Yun’s financial opportunities for small electricity supplier financing dawn

MA in the network to the General Assembly speech, referred to the Alibaba in the future of 3 platforms, one of which is the real financial platform, logically speaking, there are four major state-owned banks in Chinese, there are countless commercial bank, a Alibaba to participate in the financial space is small, but the fact is that many Small and micro businesses in at high threshold in front of the bank, the fundamental reason lies in the lack of the whole social credit, and lack of sufficient trust between each other, this can not blame the bank, also can not blame the most honest Small and micro businesses, I blamed we live in such an era of falling of ceremony.

but blame, can not solve the problem. In this era, the business has to do, life has to continue. It is our hope for the future, the two is all can mobilize forces launched through three, in the hope of some can be entrusted to the platform to promote the establishment of the credit system, the four is hoping to find than bank mortgage and guarantee to lower the threshold of the way.

today I want to say is that the future is unknown and may not have that one day you have died in half, and launched her strength that depends on whether you have a group of rich friends and relatives, you in their credit status and how you have enough good eloquence and persuasion, in the hope that the bank from the conference on network operators seem to see a bit of hope, that is the bank that the electronic commerce has now become the climate, trade is expanding, so that they have more confidence and determination to think for Small and micro businesses create financing opportunities, of course, is still a long process, after all, rely on Taobao in the accumulation of credit and the quality of the transaction data is not relieved of their worries. This is to the point, just at this point, the opportunity to build a financial platform Alibaba appeared.

first, Alibaba has enough funds to build a financial platform.

second, all transaction data are stored in the network of Alibaba’s database, the transaction data will become the guarantee basis, Alibaba is not believed, because he has enough measures to ensure the authenticity of the data.

third, small electricity providers to survive must rely on this platform, the equivalent parasitic on this platform, so the financing needs of small business or Alibaba to dare mess, it under the ultimatum, it will die without the burial ground, most afraid of danger and the parasitic way out from the off.

once a small business growth for a large business, its relationship with the Alibaba will become a kind of cooperative relationship, this is the mess you swallowed The loss outweighs the gain., lose millions, is a very solid backing, say good shade tree, no one to believe this idiotic so, if there is danger to small business, not only it can also Alibaba lore, pick up the legal weapons to recover it, because all the evidence in his hands.

based on these points, Ma Yun in a few years ago began to small electricity supplier unsecured credit data alone to lend, it turns out to be very successful, there is such a success

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