2012 significant reduction in the scale of investment in the field of electricity supplier is still

January 8th morning news, the latest ChinaVenture hit group data show that in 2012 Chinese venture capital market disclosure case 566, a total investment of $4 billion 767 million, compared to 2011 decreased by 42% and 46.7% year respectively. From the investment point of view, the Internet is still ranked first in the industry, e-commerce is still the most active investment in the industry segments.

data show that in 2011 China VC/PE investment reached the highest level in history (Disclosure of 976 cases, a total investment of 8 billion 947 million U.S. dollars), but after entering in 2012, due to the macroeconomic and capital markets remain weak, VC investment market is rapidly cooling, the number and scale of investment reached a relatively low level in recent years.

in terms of the average amount of a single investment, the figure was only $8 million 420 thousand in 2012, down 8.1% compared to last year. 2012 transaction amount is the largest case of millet VC technology is a new round of financing, involving an amount of $216 million, while other cases of the transaction amount is less than $100 million.

ChinaVenture believes that since 2012 China VC/PE investment market downturn, investors generally cautious, resulting in a single investment scale is reduced; at the same time as the domestic and overseas capital market downturn, the valuation of listed companies declined, the level of market valuation of investment also appear rational regression.

From 2012

VC investment in the distribution industry point of view, the Internet is still the most active investment in the industry, the disclosure of 118 cases, accounting for 20.8%, followed by the manufacturing industry and the IT industry, are disclosed in case 107 and 66, accounting for 18.9% and 11.7%. In addition, health and telecommunications value-added (mobile Internet) industry is also active, all cases were disclosed above 50.

from the investment scale, the Internet is still ranked first in the industry, the total investment of $984 million, accounting for 20.8%.


over the past year, the electricity supplier industry, regardless of the platform or vertical group purchase have been very difficult, also went down a large number of commercial websites, but e-commerce is still the most active investment sectors, investment case involving pan luxury goods and other vertical electric providers, electricity supplier service outsourcing etc..

in 2012 Chinese investment scale TOP10, the concept of the electricity supplier to occupy half of the country, are public comment is $60 million, $40 million, America Lele furniture network, excellent public network $40 million, $33 million 770 thousand and brewmaster network Temple library $30 million.

investment ranked second, the top three are the energy industry and telecommunications and value-added industries, respectively, the total investment of $672 million and $582 million.

energy and mining, the new energy market in 2012 suffered a larger market, photovoltaic, wind energy investment

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