Wine tasting dinner network hidden mystery star ecosystem surfaced

network network "wine life ecological world" strategy or will add another star! News network network with Chile’s dry living soul winery on the evening of July 19th held a vertical tasting dinner in Beijing, and all the stars and celebrities, Wine industry veteran, the business to taste the coffee "outstanding wines of Chile wine King". It is reported that once the 72 million capital network network the flowers television President Dunyong, director Zheng Xiaolong also will attend or, more digital mysterious guest star debut.

private dinner, wine net net gourd sell what medicine



or pave the way for deepening cooperation with dry dew strategy

Behind the

straight tasting dinner, wine net net to Chile as the representative of the new world Wine projected international strategic vision.

In recent years

network network with Chile exposure group continue to expand the depth of cooperation in many aspects. The first attempt to CP2C model, launched the world’s first network network brand – brand Wine rose Naynay. The Chilean Central Valley, Chile Fengtu paradise Institute of big data precision research, one hundred yuan price advantage prominent, the fire rose to become an entry-level preferred emerging mass consumer groups.

based on the successful operation of the fire rose Wine on the in-depth study of consumer trends and potential market in China, the United States Wine based network network recently and concha Group signed a strategic cooperation intention to create a new round of the United States Wine in new era. The introduction of exclusive network network exposure Little Black Dress, a US base 1000Stories, Bonterra three Wine product brand, brand operation and differentiated market layout. At the same time, the United States and the United States to dry dew CP2C model jointly launched the fire rose upgrade.

cooperation between the two sides gradually into the deep water area". The vertical tasting dinner or will boost the network network and concha group strategy again "hand", there are rumors that the two sides will be in the capital level of cooperation or series of actions.

but is the dinner really that simple?

star to join the ecological anti equation

network network for private tasting may not only dinner upgrade and strategic cooperation with Chile stem.

said, "the flowers television President Dunyong Mi month biography" director Zheng Xiaolong also or will be arrived at the scene, the two was in May this year, the strategic investment network network 72 million yuan. It is reported that Zheng Xiaolong has been given to the director of the fire rose opened the Beijing and New York guests quasi IP drama of the train, for the fire rose implanted exclusive American wine scene".

also, more mysterious or hidden in the stars of the guest list has not been disclosed. Is the network network CEO Li Rui’s friend Honglei Sun, or with the network network the deep roots of Lan Qin, or the previous investment LETV Zhang Yimou, Sun Li, Huang Xiaoming, Guo Jingming and other stars shareholders? No official.

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