The secret behind the operating costs of enterprise e mail free mailbox really free


8 this month, could not escape the black Monday stock market Chinese doom, mainly for the stock market fell sharply, mainly due to the European debt crisis continue to simmer for 5 days plus the standard & Poor’s downgrade of the US sovereign credit rating, therefore, also the beginning of a domestic stock market is facing the danger of collapse, a market decline of more than 3%.

global inflation, domestic prices, wage increases, the increase in raw material costs, the appreciation pressure of RMB, bank monetary tightening and so on, let the small and medium-sized enterprises are living in difficult days every day, at the same time these sensitive and hot topic also often becomes the enterprise cost savings and adjustment for the resources.

the legend of "2012 doomsday" is approaching, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to prepare for food and clothing, mainly in reducing operating cost and improving the efficiency of the industry, and strive to enhance corporate image and strength to get more orders is the majority of small and medium-sized enterprise initiatives.

but for small and medium enterprises, already facing a shortage of funds, in the process of cost savings, funds will naturally become their great efforts in the chips, operating costs, enterprise mailbox as one of the most convenient, cheap and fast communication tools, bear the brunt of small and medium-sized enterprises save cost and reform the first knife.

as everyone knows: the enterprise mailbox is an important tool for enterprises to display the image and internal communication, all the enterprises have recognized the mailbox to bring them in the use of the convenience, the current domestic small and medium-sized enterprises mainly through two ways to obtain the right to use the mailbox: open source products and free e-mail, brand and business enterprise mailbox mail system. Compared to the price of the company’s e-mail and business mail system, a free application is to open a mailbox, one way is to buy corporate e-mail.

but now, with the company’s awareness of the cost savings gradually strengthen, free enterprise mailbox is like a free lunch, hungry enough to eat. Free lunch for the enterprise to save a mailbox investment, and now has become a favorite of many companies. But it is not a free mailbox will certainly save the operating costs for the enterprise, the value of it has been done on a free e-mail such a survey.

with the most conservative figures as an example, an enterprise has a staff of 100, the average per employee per day received 50 spam, junk mail and the average processing time of 14 seconds, the average employee’s wage was 65 yuan, the annual average per employee working days for 245 days, so doing spam is light bring a more than 90 thousand loss, but the money to buy an e-mail with more than and 100 users a year before the cost of a few thousand dollars, compared to a free mailbox, mailbox is not a cost saving way back after not too many of the secrets, such as e-mail attack the loss was caused by the loss of stolen mail, etc., with a business these injuries are unable to use the number >

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