Why do you want to turn off pat Liu Qiangdong can not control fakes


Group Chairman Liu Qiangdong today in the world internet conference site Sina Technology interview said: close C2C pat Network is because can not refuse fakes, original troops entered the adjustment after closure of Jingdong and Jingdong home mall.

"some fake shop was closed after pat, can open one in 3 minutes. When the illegal cost of an industry is zero, the law is inevitable." In the interpretation of the closed C2C pat Network, Liu Qiangdong said to Sina technology. "Pat off employees to the mall, (Jingdong) (Jingdong) (Jingdong) and the home finance, we now group more than 110 thousand employees, so more than 1 thousand people absorb easily, we must recruit every year tens of thousands of people."

Progress on

and Yonghui cooperation, Liu Qiangdong said already in the on-line test, but not after all.

previously, in November 10th, Jingdong group issued a letter to the seller and the seller of a letter pat network. The letter wrote: "in view of the C2C (personal consumer) mode of electronic commerce in the current business environment Chinese supervision difficult, can not effectively eliminate fake and shoddy goods, to be fair to legitimate businesses, protect the interests of consumers, after careful consideration and evaluation, the Jingdong group decided to stop providing C2C mode (December 31, 2015 PAIPAI.COM pat Network) service e-commerce platform. And in three months after the transition period, in April 1, 2016, completely shut down C2C mode e-commerce platform services."

recently, the "Wall Street journal" in an interview, Liu Qiangdong said the problem of fake business platform: counterfeiting is easy, "a programmer only needs 1 days to fix this thing. Can you imagine to spend 80 dollars can buy a Gucci brand handbag? "

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