Electricity supplier struck the traditional used car dealers are facing four major difficulties

introduction: the author of the industry for nine years, has experience and observation also has following thinking, and we analyze together the four dilemmas to exchange the traditional second-hand car dealer.


in the first half of 2015, should be regarded as the turning point of the traditional used car dealers, regardless of the first or two or three line of the city’s car dealers, both large losses. This, of course, and the current economic environment, more and more second-hand car market environment changes. Recently, held in Xi’an second-hand car industry conference, a large number of second-hand car down grievances, common reaction of the industry downturn, but individual car dealers still energetic, known as do promotional activities, one day sales of hundreds of cars. Of course, to do business or people lose someone Human effort is the decisive factor., earn normal. I went deep into the industry for nine years, experience, observation and thinking, the following analysis together with the traditional used car dealers face the plight of the top four.

1 Air Force intercept

06 years, since the contact with the used car industry, the author began to publish information on the network platform to sell cars. Early, mainly on the local portal BBS community and flea market in Shenzhen (Shenzhen window flea market channel is the highest classification information platform). Later, with the professional), classified information website 58, such as the market rise, also began to use these platforms to sell cars. The author is Chinese second-hand car industry the first wave of net "cattle", at the same time, but also enjoy the first dividend. At that time, the price of online tend to be much higher than the line, because the car business users less, whether buying a car or selling cars are basic to individual users, online customers may not understand the next line market, space difference, and the competition is small, naturally high profits.

publish information on the Internet, you can bring a car to buy customers, which is the traditional used car dealers will undoubtedly find a new continent. Soon, more second-hand car dealer stampede in. More and more car dealers have also brought a richer source of the car, while the rich source of the car also attracted more C end consumer browsing. After the successful closure of a large number of C network platform to buy a car client, the end of free lunch. It is estimated that 58 plus market can occupy the entire line of second-hand car user traffic into the 50-60%, seems to have become a strong platform. It is said that in 2014 58 second-hand car channel revenue of about two hundred million yuan, the market is unknown.

the "air force" intercept camp not only only 58, the market that the classification of information platform, there are dozens of B2B, C2B used car auction platform, the interception of buyers, and the latter is the source of the car to intercept. Although the platform does not like some second-hand car start-up companies, is to reform the traditional second-hand car dealer’s life, but as part of the car business depends on a variety of platforms is enhanced, half life has been handed over to the others, to maintain life, only for.

2 "guerrilla" containment

called guerrilla, that is, we usually listen

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