Online shopping market will be a sea change in the end who is an outwardly kind but inwardly cruel

online shopping is now more and more common, especially young people often contact with computers, a recent survey shows that a considerable part of the middle-aged people are gradually beginning to recognize online shopping. Even so, there are still a lot of people online shopping freely, they are often worried about the authenticity of the online shopping behind the quality of online shopping products, suspicious customer service, so in this respect, young people are often the first person to eat crabs, online shopping for them, the temptation of novelty, fresh. There is a rich variety of products, the price is high, so, for the students in a family, this is the biggest place to attract them. However, students do not have their own family income after all, in addition to the thought idea is to cater to the online shopping, often suffer from cash strapped, online shopping can’t hold up the sky. In fact, online shopping revenue mainly from the white-collar workers, white-collar workers, college graduates, highly educated, high income, strong ability to accept new things, and face greater pressure of work, often do not spend a lot of time to go shopping, so they prefer online shopping, mainly because of the convenience of online shopping, they can save valuable time.

survey results also proved this point, a family of students and white-collar workers propped up most of the market of online shopping, with household consumption, the middle-aged consumer market continues to expand, the proportion of the market continuously and uniformly, online shopping has gradually become a comprehensive industry, is no longer individual young people through the market. A few years of Alibaba, Baidu has ah,,, etc. the rapid development of like bamboo shoots after a spring rain can be deeply felt.

But with

, online shopping is becoming more and more popular, quality issues have increasingly become the object of consumer complaints, the fight against fake products has become an urgent task, especially the CEO Ma is determined to rectify, announced in 2010 the consumer of the year, it will be a tragic battle, a lot of Taobao businesses may die in this battle, become a victim of to enhance their brand effect, and those who survived in this battle of the shop, must be excellent quality, rave reviews.

China as the most successful B2C website, all the people will not forget that the original is relying on these grassroots manager development today, today, if Ma Yun choice will store the roots out, will end up in infamy to burn the bridge after crossing it, devoid of gratitude. The wise man is not so wrong, so started doing some rankings, strongly recommended to support the high reputation and high sales crown stores, for consumers, this is good, so in the and at the same time, laugh at the high pressure environment, those who shop long self defeating, take the initiative to withdraw from the game, and Ma a proof of their wisdom. No matter what Ma’s original intention, but the result is good for consumers, I own is a webmaster, in the Ma siege operations, as the executioner, now the daily traffic steadily, I know the website every visit, may reduce.

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