The analysis and research of domestic webmaster website

I like to see other people’s articles, and then add their own point of view, the so-called doctrine, standing on the shoulders of giants. The following article is reproduced from the post, a good article, but it is not clear enough, I changed the author’s point of view, I hope to be able to give you interested in doing some of the webmaster network friends.

            integrated categories: source code download and online learning things combined with the station, I temporarily named him as a comprehensive website. I go there are more than two, one is the station, one is the webmaster network, one is the webmaster Advisory Network

            station: download the source code number is concerned, is undoubtedly the domestic leader, but because of fame, so there no commercial code, I often go to the usual code, code is not good. Technical articles are based on the basic of "Amoy bar update. Forum that people do a good job, but more water paste. Language: Unfortunately, the station into the business circle, open full of advertising, feeling bad.

            Web page: in June of this year when I go to the source of the next thing, suddenly jumped to the web bar, I do not know how the case. Later added the webmaster QQ, only to know the source code to do the web bar. I went there under the code more, its code number as the master station, but the commercial code, especially because I am for the company website, the general business class, there are a lot of commercial code can go there next to go, so much. Technical articles from a wide range of sources, a number of sites to do the kind of Web site, I have seen a lot of outdated. Forum that do not succeed. – after the language: webmaster seems not to care about, the page.

            network consulting: webmaster is the devil, I’ve also seen at the time of K666, then he often posts. So pay more attention to, but also pay attention to his station, his station this year is also a revision of the use of an imperial system to change, good. Very good interface. His technical article is very good. It is the three station of the best. I often go there to read articles, source code, not particularly good. Forum is also very good. – Language: old ghost, do technology.

        source: source class I went to many stations, the source of the, ASP300 source code, (it is history), station (station station to do a comprehensive discussion, so it is not included).

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