t is good to pay attention to the popular traditional things

station for one year, although only part-time, but what, from the station of their own history also know not Everything is going smoothly. station. The hard work of the website update, the pressure of Baidu to the reality, too many factors can determine the life and death of a web site, a lot of sites in the life and death wandering.

do not stand now than in the past, the past will be a good idea to let you look at the small, now is the first resource, not that creativity is not important, is now the Internet is highly developed, and Chinese piracy consciousness is very heavy, today your ideas out, maybe in a few days you that appeared on the Internet a lot of similar things. Even if you are creative without being copied, but how many webmaster can stick to your idea that one day out of


now the Internet blossom everywhere, then what kind of Web site can really get the benefits in the short term?

some time ago, a Fujian MM I know told me that she wanted to sell clothing and some ornaments on the Internet, because she knows that I know little about the website, so he told me how to better sell her products through the network.

according to the actual situation, we discuss the final conclusion is to locate the local, and then slowly through the independent shop and Taobao spread to the country.

now the situation is that she has more than 200 yuan a day income (local 90%), just yesterday to upgrade her Taobao shop (the kind of payment), this is her amateur income.

coincidentally, I believe a little bit a year, the biggest harvest material nor monthly advertising and GG advertising, but the electronic commerce. Over the past 7 months, through their own e-commerce 32000 yuan net profit (don’t despise, I have to debug the code, although it is downloaded, my station also offers a free download, but the post to download only).

e-commerce this thing is really good, maybe is a novelty, but now everybody, is a traditional way to make money. But the stationmaster to how to use electronic commerce, have to start from their own content, to find the starting point, the only way to guide people to buy your products or your cooperation.

simple talk, it is something! I hope you can write their own way to make money, so that we can refer to. The road is difficult, but the first is the most difficult, if you can get a small amount of money in the early accumulation, I believe we can go further.

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chain sales network every day a small update, key columns to maintain the original. The main word in the first page of Baidu first and second, welcome to Baidu high weight to the station

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