APEC special Chinese spread best practice of electronic commerce

APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) special Chinese

e-commerce dissemination of best practices

APEC China Business Advisory Council (ABAC) meeting in 2013 fourth in October 1st to 4 in Indonesia, Bali Island, APEC Business Advisory Council member and vice chairman of APEC, Dunhuang women’s forum founder CEO Ms. Wang Shutong attended the meeting and delivered a speech entitled "ecological system of small and medium enterprises China new integration of cross-border e-commerce platform the speech, she shared the development of Chinese e-commerce platform experience. ABAC special edition main view of Wang Shutong’s speech was a long report, reported that Chinese provides successful experience in e-commerce, e-commerce to China best practice extended to APEC of small and medium-sized enterprises, and carry out the training courses, mutual exchange of learning.

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Chinese entrepreneurs are in APEC, ABAC’s full identity rare and large space recommended that Wang Shutong’s speech has been in hot pursuit of the distinguished guests, it is difficult to have a Chinese representative after the speech, the delegates around the scene of questioning the depth of understanding of the study, many countries with Wang Shutong, said the domestic manufacturing with China e-commerce platform, through a network of Dunhuang their goods sold to the world, they hope to learn from the practice mode of Dunhuang network, to promote domestic small and medium-sized enterprises export.

Wang Shutong has been committed to the APEC Business Advisory Council sermon electronic commerce, she believes that e-commerce can become a technical basis to promote global economic integration and trade, has very important strategic significance. She believes that in the practice of cross-border e-commerce, Chinese has walked in front of the world, Chinese should actively seize this opportunity, the e-commerce platform recommended to use in more countries, hand driven country trade globalization, and establish Chinese strategic position in the era of e-commerce world trade center.

Wang Shutong said in a speech, a one-stop e-commerce trading platform is a set of online trading platform for online shops, product display, order management, payment, logistics, financial services, value-added services, third party service, quality control in one of the. Online trading mode eliminates the intermediate links, reduce the start-up threshold and operating costs, allowing customers to make effective management and market analysis; online payment and logistics to shorten the cycle of transactions, and improve cash flow. Compared to traditional transactions, e-commerce makes profit margin increased from 5% to 54%.

ABAC said, to help SMEs entrepreneurship and innovation priority development strategy, how to help them to enter the international market, the establishment of financing channels for the development of information technology is essential for sustainable growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in the future part.

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