PHPB2B suffered quick b2b piracy B2B open source road will go to where

PHPB2B is set by the neighboring PHP development B2B (Business to Business) e-commerce application, suitable for individuals, enterprises or interested in Internet entrepreneurs to establish regional type, vertical type of e-commerce website, integration of supply, purchase and other classified information and library, library, library and information products market the exhibition center, such as front-end modules, and provides all kinds of information management platform – business room for registered users, but also provides a comprehensive management platform for managing web console – various application settings for all information and web site administrator.

August 15, 2008, PHPB2B officially grounded in the open source community SourceForge, which marks the B2B will be completely free and open source software, users can download the latest version of the software from the SourceForge at any time.

is currently in SourceForge only version 2.4 download version number has reached more than 4 thousand people.

subsequently, PHPB2B in the vast number of Internet owners under the same impetus, has been rapid development:

August 20, 2007:

released the neighbor B2B e-commerce application version 1 (PHP), marking the PHPB2B framework formally established, is the first open source B2B framework;

October 16, 2007:

released the neighbor B2B e-commerce application PHP open source program version 2, this version has improved most of the functions in 1, and improved a large number of BUG, marking the first step into the PHPB2B official site;

December 12, 2008:

released the official version of PHPB2B 2.4


March 28, 2009 so far: the release of the final version of PHPB2B 2.4 Final, while providing a more complete template, which allows more users to focus on B2B, network e-commerce concerns.

, however, quick-b2b has a flagrant violation of the PHPB2B download program has clearly pointed out that the GPL protocol, after two times of development, will be two times the development of product named quick-b2b, at the same time to program a copy, we see: the printing network, Chinese net, the Chinese net logo printing, the printing network etc. the website, the main program adopts the PHPB2B architecture, but without official authorization and any negotiations before, quick-b2b has been open on its main website for publicity, we strongly condemn this violation of international customary GPL protocol acts, quick-b2b author or organization to immediately stop its various promotional behavior, cancel quick-b2b >

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