Today the creation of the world’s most versatile Taobao want to add their own trend label

Taobao will launch the original IP

the Imperial Palace "Zhu 88", said this "shoehorn face" Zhu 88 shape is also well documented.

"my emperor million sleep" also appeared Taobao creation Festival

Yin two robot doll around

creation Festival, the audience can experience the VR shopping "Prodigal" plan

sina science and technology news on July 22nd morning news, today, the official opening of the Taobao Festival, Taobao invited 72 selected sellers on the platform, focus on the Shanghai World Expo exhibition. The exhibition hall is not only a very fire on the Internet, Taobao the Imperial Palace, I emperor Wan sleep, summer insects and ice and other sellers in Taobao native, there are Samsung, HTC, Connaught also Teng mainstream VR vendors. At the same time, Taobao will also BUY+ this program is officially open to the audience experience.

according to reports, the "Taobao creation Festival" marked by TAO, were around T (Technology Technology), A (Art Art), O (Originality original force) three theme plate, will display technology, music, fashion, arts, cultural and other content site.

Taobao in the creation of the original IP. For example, the network red Taobao the Imperial Palace will be the first secret design for two years of the Q version of Zhu Yuanzhang, star class IP Zhu 88".

In addition to

, Taobao will be in the creation section, the first open to the public more complete VR shopping Buy+ technology. This from actual arrival also take time, but Sina Technology SYPC, VR shopping really subvert the current online shopping experience. In addition to Buy+, the world’s mainstream VR manufacturers are also fully present. Ali $790 million investment in Magic Leap will also appear, delivered a keynote speech.


according to the disclosure of the data, in May 2016, Taobao mobile phone users 370 million months to live, the depth of active users every day on mobile phone Taobao 7.2, browse the goods 18, have 20 million comments on the goods and share in the mobile phone Taobao every day. A considerable number of users spend more than 1 hours in browsing merchandise, reading content, and community interaction.


"double eleven", "Taobao, Taobao" shuangshier "special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival", Ali has not only let people online buy buy buy. Creation Festival is a big attempt under the Taobao line. From the original IP to intelligent hardware current, and then to the future shopping concept "plan BUY+" universal Taobao to get rid of an image from a simple shopping platform for the community will go shopping, closer to the younger generation of consumers. Since then, Ali’s two shopping platform Taobao and Tmall will be more obvious difference. (Ding Zhuang)

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