Jingdong 6 18 alleged price gouging large electricity providers to promote the tricky when

look 6.18 Jingdong to promote the perfect ending, with even the "big discount promotional language, consumers are happily back home with their favorite merchandise discounts, Jingdong also produce a fairly good report card. However, behind the prosperity of all really so beautiful?

reporter received a consumer complaint: today (6.21) to buy mobil oil cheaper than during the promotion of the big 6.18, the person broke the news in the purchase of Mobil 1 liters of oil on the day of 6.03, the price of $59.9. Today, the 6.18 big promotion on the first day of the same commodity price of 58.9 yuan. Than the big promotion period is also cheap 1 yuan and provides a screenshot of the purchase of goods.

the consumer said: "I have the feeling of being fooled! Jingdong is doing this is to deceive the feelings of consumers, price fraud!"

consumers during the 6.18 major promotional buy screenshot

6.21 day after the end of the promotion price

at the end of the product page, customer service has been gray, unable to normal consultation. Reporter then confirmed to Jingdong. As of press time ago, Jingdong no positive reply.

In fact,

is more than Jingdong, electricity supplier during the big promotion, the price issue has been repeatedly criticized by the media and consumer issues.

each big promotion is a war of no smoke, light on the world’s largest online retailers price competition, so that people benefit from it, but in fact the electricity supplier use consumer map "cheap" mentality set various traps has become an open secret. Virtual standard price, price, one is not the actual counter price and the price concept, disguise price increases, ultra cheap goods always show out all sorts of "invisible" Maoni meet the eye everywhere.

A review of the

last year to promote, shouted fooled consumers is not a few. The electricity supplier disloyal often talk about new year, big promotion after have the consumer complaints platform, but the electricity supplier fraud is still repeated. Play gimmicks, false promotions, so that consumers may be able to deceive the behavior of a moment of prosperity, but over time, will eventually allow consumers to the electricity supplier to flinch, and ultimately lost the promotion of trust.

in addition, e-commerce growing problems are gradually exposed, a variety of problems, and cancel the orders, delivery delays, network goods, customer service, logistics and express service, false promotion, virtual trading fraud, return to "stubborn" to become consumers haunting pain.

consumers to prevent being, first from their own plugging, rational consumption, big eyes, a comprehensive comparison, but Rome was not built in a day, the electricity supplier to resolve the credit crisis, but also need to pressure and power coexist, in addition to the relevant laws and regulations to strengthen supervision, to solve the network fraud, clear liability, to achieve their business platform self discipline.

only do heteronomy and self-discipline and Qi, really retain the hearts of consumers, this is a permanent solution to the development of electronic business platform.

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