Taobao will gradually open up the two empty goods sellers worry speed refunds


] December 17th news billion state power network, the day before, announcement said, will start for the whole network of sellers gradually open "the buyer has to pay the seller shipped in mid December, waiting for the" state of the speed function of refund.

The so-called

rapid refund, namely the user application according to the agreed time delivery "refund service, Taobao system will give priority to verify the delivery contract time set up shop, if the parties have not agreed upon time, the system will verify the delivery time again beyond Taobao rules. If the Taobao system confirmed that the order is not shipped on time, will immediately refund to the user, the user almost no waiting.

but speed delivery function does not apply to all products, buy custom classes, purchasing, distribution, auction, sale, virtual class, large appliances, residential furniture, jewelry / diamond / Jade / gold and other types of products do not enjoy the function.


order query method: enter the seller Center – I am the seller – refund management

Taobao pointed out that, if the user does not apply for a refund according to the seller in accordance with the agreed time to apply for a refund, you need to wait for the seller to deal with. Most of the seller’s customer service account in a non authorized state without permission to help users timely refund, so users need to wait for a long time, if the seller for two days without treatment, the system will determine the timeout. This user generally feel the experience is very poor, the seller may therefore be user complaints.

Taobao said that the speed of the refund function does not have an additional impact on the seller’s shop, on the contrary will shorten the store’s average refund time, reduce the seller’s workload. This function can enhance the user’s shopping experience and shopping confidence, by allowing users to fast payment, shopping for Taobao to create a better reputation, but also bring more trade opportunities for sellers.

if the user gets a refund service at the same time, the seller has actually shipped. Taobao recommends sellers, immediately contact the logistics company to recover goods. If unable to recover, refused to contact the user commodity. If you do not contact the user, the seller can provide logistics delivery documents, the two sides chat records, contact Taobao customer service verification process.

after the announcement, a large number of sellers worried about Taobao shipped goods could not recall, thus causing the loss of two empty goods. Taobao explained that the current application of the function of the target population is a good record of good faith transaction buyers, generally will not receive a refund after receipt of goods. If this happens, Taobao will help deal with. But some Taobao sellers still feel open to the feature, the seller will bear more risk.

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