Cross border operators first shares Hi buy technology listed in the new board

July 29th news, cross-border electricity supplier service provider hi buy technology announced in the new three board officially listed, the stock code is 833031. This marks its first cross-border electricity supplier operators boarded the capital market stage.

it is understood that hi buy technology was founded in 2005, was engaged in the import and export business of pharmaceutical health products, after the transformation of e-commerce companies specializing in the operation of high-tech services. At present, the purchase of hi technology is a cross-border electricity supplier of the main business service providers, to provide China electricity market overall solution for global brands, including Internet brand marketing, channel construction, the electricity supplier of the whole solution of store operations, warehousing logistics and IT system.

hi buy technology to provide cross-border electricity supplier solutions

hi purchase technology introduces that the team average age of only 27 years, has created a Tmall international double last year’s eleven health care products category sales champion, ANZ area product sales champion and global supermarket shopping festival sales champion of record, and in March 2015 on the Tmall international TOP service provider list.

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