99% of these electricity providers are not doing a good job

we see a satisfactory product on Taobao ready to buy when we do these preparations, look at the credibility of the sales, look at the evaluation. A $100 T-shirt sold you 120 yuan you too expensive, do you think you hit half off to quality problems, free to you you will think that there is no free lunch you may not dare to. The user is never wrong, wrong is that the business does not solve these problems.



taobao.com security model to solve the problem of trust online shopping, but the guarantee mode is not a solution to every shop trust, credibility is low or did not pay the deposit of a store or a few people dare to buy. This is not, when I go to Taobao recently found a "try before you buy" function, this function is not everyone has access to, the meaning is not required to pay after the test can be directly satisfied in the purchase, but is real.

brand awareness

that is almost a few people will see the brand in the Taobao shopping, for example, you want to buy Anta shoes, you will run Taobao to buy? Certainly not, if you really want to go to Taobao to buy Anta shoes, I think you’re ready to buy a Anta. But the real existence of Taobao brand products, because in small businesses have their own brands". But no one will have its own brand publicity, their brand as to others than the price and not worth a hair. On the Internet can be said to have cheaper cheaper, cheaper and free, the price has become the only source of business.

some people see no one asked, no one asked to buy


is the third party platform, we do not have much authority, so this is what I usually own the mall site, some people see no one asked, was asked to buy unmanned we can only wait for customers to come? Yes, you may do promotion is in place, there are hundreds of people to your site look at every day, some people even think you are good, but there is no buy, want to buy cheap buy or other platforms without risk.


model of Jingdong and the early Taobao mall model is similar, can put aside the Taobao mall survive because Jingdong do a lot of optimization in details such as: the Jingdong in the delivery of small objects, generally they are not the same as the express package, but convenient bag for a Jingdong provided to users. Certainly from the logistics which the users will not worry about the broken goods or how, delivery speed is basically within 24 hours of arrival. The seller also has a lot of sellers in Taobao to solve this problem, such as: to buy freight insurance for customers, or to ensure the delivery of 24 hours and other issues.

than price

I just look for a product on the Internet, you can find the same paragraph, the same function, and the price is cheap, this

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