What is the role of Taobao’s reputation query Do you understand

in the fierce competition in the Taobao market, there are a lot of Taobao sellers will generally choose to brush the credibility of Taobao and quickly improve the credibility of Taobao. But when Taobao brush reputation, is the need to fit between sellers and buyers, because buyers of the docking mission is not likely to understand the details, are likely to encounter a professional in poor teacher or peer malicious attack behavior, therefore suggested that Taobao sold to Taobao reputation query against each other the.

Taobao buyers Taobao credit inquiries, Taobao reputation query function:

1, Taobao reputation can help the seller to determine whether the other is not a professional judge.


2, then Taobao buyers credit numerical within a week is relatively large, through the Taobao comment to determine whether Taobao and Taobao brush brush reputation, the credibility of the Taobao small transactions, is likely to be Taobao listed as false transactions, the seller may be Taobao Taobao down the right punishment.

3, if the account registration time is less than 30 days, to Taobao sellers appear more in the comments, poor evaluation, then there may be a professional bad judge or peer malicious attacks, the need to carefully deal with the.

4, if the buyer to other sellers to give the comments, the more bad reviews, or like to casually give other Taobao sellers to give, the poor evaluation of Taobao buyers, the need to carefully deal with the.

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