The electricity supplier Jiancang grain double eleven cross border war fire


industry is expected this year, "double eleven" first "battle" will focus on cross-border electricity supplier, the logistics will be the priority among priorities of two sets of data to tell you that the cross-border electricity supplier

why so fire?

– 2014 China cross-border electricity trading volume of 4 trillion and 200 billion, an increase of 33.3%, users of cross-border online shopping penetration rate reached 10%

– the first half of 2015, cross-border e-commerce to Chinese foreign trade contribution rate of 12%, is expected to the end of 13th Five-Year will reach 20%

September 21st, cross-border dedicated warehouse in Chongqing Xiyong comprehensive free trade zone open, this is the first free trade zone for a single business platform tailored special cross-border bonded warehouse, Taobao small businesses will enjoy special preferential policies for bonded warehouse. This is the second in May this year, Tmall supermarket warehouse in Chengdu at the southwest, Ali in another piece of Southwest layout".

now, cross-border electricity providers are tuyere. Ali as early as last year, revealed that this year, one of the eleven focus is the internationalization. This year, the major electricity supplier in the field of cross-border electricity supplier launched a fierce competition. The cross-border electricity supplier platform and bonded area cooperation is not new, previously, Tmall international, NetEase koala sea purchase has been established in Zhejiang bonded warehouse. This year’s’ double eleven ‘cross-border war inevitable." Industry estimates.

on the same day, rookie network announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Suning logistics, Suning logistics network, Tmall, Taobao logistics and distribution experience is expected to be improved.

21, Taobao announced that Chongqing is located in the West Wing comprehensive free trade zone "" cross-border dedicated warehouse which is open, following the May this year, Tmall supermarket warehouse in Chengdu southwest open after Ali in another piece of the layout of the southwest".

, according to Taobao introduced, unlike Tmall and other international cross-border electricity supplier platform, Taobao specifically for the purpose of domestic small businesses engaged in cross-border trade. "Because Taobao has integrated platform of order information, payment information and customs information, can be automatically completed entirely online orders, payment information, customs tax" three in one " responsible person, the bonded area will be designed for the Taobao warehouse provides 24 hours of real-time communication services, speed sampling, customs clearance, a warehouse process, greatly improve the storage time.

previously, Tmall international, NetEase, such as the purchase of a group of cross-border electricity supplier platform has been established in Zhejiang bonded warehouse. NetEase CEO Ding Lei bluntly, the future of NetEase to focus on the development of cross-border e-commerce in Ningbo, because Ningbo has increased support for cross-border electricity supplier platform in the bonded area.

Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong has said that in the next ten years to twenty years, Alibaba to serve the world’s top 2 billion consumers. "The key to achieving this goal is the globalization of business, while the import and export business is the starting point of globalization." He believes that cross-border logistics is the lifeblood of the import and export business, Alibaba will be heavily invested in, set up cross-border matter > Update