Tiger cloud providers into the Leshan Qianwei to appreciate the natural gift of specialty delicacy

rely on the aircraft to fly, high-speed rail today, the majority of people travel by way of gradual departure from the car and ordinary trains. However, the slow steam train – train is unique, this is a run on a narrow gauge railway is only 19.84 kilometers south of Sichuan small town – Qianwei County North 15 kilometers away on the train master "".

is the small train to Sichuan, Qianwei County, jasmine tea, Ma Zha Gu Liu Zijiang, scallion crisp, spicy shredded turnip, the king of Qianwei, Saute of Beef with Hot Pepper dry cake Wuniang vesicles and other local products and delicacy out! Of course, now in addition to train master, tiger cloud Shopping Mall (TYFO.com) also in the direct sale of

products in Qianwei!


is located in Sichuan Leshan Qianwei County, the land of abundance advantages, unique geographical location and environment, a good environment for the growth of tea, jasmine, ginger and other natural plants. In particular, Qianwei County town, here the air humid foggy, fertile soil, lush forests, keeping the original natural ecological landscape, very suitable for the growth of plants. Qianwei County town is known as "township of jasmine flower". Mention Qianwei, will have to mention jasmine garden, tea garden!

Kaoshanchishan, in Qianwei county from the jasmine flowers petals thick, white, thick aroma, good quality, raised here for generations. Because of the great poet Li Bai to be called the Mount Emei mountains, Qianwei County town of Jasmine Tea and Mount Emei ecological tea garden senior Green Tea crash out of the taste and quality level of the Emei Mountain tribute tea and tea bud! Qianwei Qingxi high-quality Jasmine buds using unique arts when winter snow in summer flowers, this season for you the warmth of a cup of tea



Qianwei county is rich in green shoots Green Tea fragrance jasmine, green tea, jade Qing Green Tea aroma of jasmine tea, tea and ten tea, liquor color clear, authentic taste, charming fragrance, strong and lasting, refreshing! Famous famous tea, Qianwei tea sold at home and abroad, now can also log tiger cloud Mall (TYFO.com) Sichuan Leshan Museum in Qianwei, factory direct sales Qianwei tea! This is Sichuan Qianwei specialty factory direct supply of origin traceability mall, 100%


tea, with Qianwei county is an important ecological origin of raw ma Zha Gu ginger ginger Liu Zi, tender Wujing, no skin, tender crisp, thick, rich, edible, medicinal, from planting to mining, irrigation, all artificial operation, pure natural pollution-free green



Baked Scallion Pancake heygey is a traditional specialty Qianwei, selected high-quality refined chives stuffing, pastry and baked by preparing onion Kanno Iku, sweet and salty and crisp, clear layer you want pancakes, bring you a taste of authentic flavor on the tongue with a cup of tea! Remember to find the stream, recall the taste of