Banks have to enter the online payment market challenges third party network payment

third party payment mode is formed on the occasion, the commercial bank also constantly moves to regain the lost market to pay.

recently, the Bank of Jiangsu last week launched a "shopping online, offline payment" mode of payment, Lian Jia cloud CEO Liao Yi told reporters recently, including the Bank of China, Minsheng Bank, and other large, the next will also launch a similar model.

payment, online shopping in the third party online payment mode of the Internet, "has become a fact of case, the banking system is hopes to enter the online shopping, online payment, restore the decline.

Analysys International analyst Zhang Meng believes that the "shopping online, offline payment mode, because they do not take the third party online payment channels, the bank will have the initiative to directly charge merchants, may bring a certain impact on the existing individual customers as the focus of the third party Internet payment company, but orientedenterprises and the users of third party payment companies or limited impact.

fight fee

payment seemingly small change, a challenge is the commercial bank payment pattern of the existing third party network. According to Analysys "in 2011 first quarter Chinese" third party payment monitoring data report market quarter show that the first quarter of 2011, the Internet Chinese third party online payment market reached 397 billion 300 million, growth of 10%, an increase of 98.7%.

at present, e-commerce sellers generally give a certain percentage of the fee payment channels, online banking, third party payment companies are on the downstream industry channels, and online shopping, online payment mode, online shopping, online payment is made by the third party payment to the merchant fee, then to the middle part is divided into commercial banks.

"third party payment companies generally will provide some value-added services, the bank fees into the head, has been accounted for." Electronic banking respondents told reporters that this led to friction between the two sides constantly.

this year, one after another, the bank lowered the transaction limit through third party payment companies online payment transactions, non payment of the transaction is not affected by the third party channels.

Such as China Merchants Bank

card public version of online payment transaction / single day limit from 5000 yuan to 500 yuan, China Merchants Bank credit card online payment transactions will also be set up by the customer transaction limit into a single transaction amount shall not exceed 500 yuan.

in mid April, as well as the bank to all online third party payment agencies issued a letter of consultation, requiring the suspension of the bank direct merchant to provide bank card payment services.

previously, the largest online payment companies Kara once and site cooperation, pay by Kara layout convenience store payment; in addition, several Alipay "and a" third party company conducted offline payment cooperation, solve some of the security of users online shopping online payment Gu >