NetEase of Japan’s Mitsui force electricity suppliers selling Japanese goods against Ali


technology news August 4th morning news, according to Japanese Economic News reported that Japan’s Mitsui will cooperate with NetEase, recently began selling Japanese products in China. Will be in Japan, such as the purchase of daily necessities and food exports to the customs clearance to simplify the domestic test area. And through a thorough inspection to prevent the mix of fakes, can be delivered within 2-3 days. Mitsui China think consumers in Japan are in demand against the leader of the group, Alibaba, is still under discussion to the NetEase investment.

Mitsui and Mitsui food products by Toho’s, in Japan to buy baby supplies and diapers and other daily necessities, food, cosmetics and household appliances etc.. And then exported to the customs clearance procedures have been simplified, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area of Hangzhou and Ningbo bonded warehouse.

NetEase will acquire the relevant goods, as the inventory is kept in a bonded warehouse, which can be delivered to China in a short period of time. If the use of the previous e-commerce channels, goods delivery sometimes takes 1 months. And this will be through the effective use of bonded warehouse to reduce costs. To food and daily necessities, for example, compared with individual imports, the price will be reduced by 20 ~ 30%.

NetEase plans to use e-commerce to achieve 800 billion yen in sales in, which is expected to come from half of Japanese products. The cooperation with Mitsui will become the core initiatives. (Warriors)